Monday, July 16, 2012

Tweets of Iranian Tweeps reacting to recent "Chicken" Crisis in #Iran

Reacting to increasing high prices of chicken -- an important part of the meat-rich diet of most Iranians, failure of the government to provide cheap chickens, and, above all, comments of the Chief of Iran's Police Forces on why showing "eating chicken" in films and State TV is not right, Iranians on twitter responded in numbers. For catching-up with news regarding Chicken Crisis in Iran click here.

[Chicken Crisis is what I call it facetiously, it is basically a product of harsh economic sanctions on Iranians combined with the sheer incompetence of Ahmadinejad's government]

There are two prevalent elements in nearly all tweets of Iranians regarding Iran's economy in recent days:
 1) Mounting Frustration with the Iranian government's incompetency in dealing with economic hardships.
 2) Humor.  Making jokes at the expense of daily hardships is a trademark of Iran society.

It's noteworthy that most Iranian twitter users are in their 20s.

Following is s collection of tweets in recent days:

Translation of Kourosh's tweet, from city of Shiraz: "[Somebody] says there are two classes of people:below the chicken line or above the chicken line!!!"

Translation of Marzie, from Tehran:"Members of House of journalists of [province of] Gilan can buy chicken at 4700 Toman/kilo if they show [their] Press ID card." -- Chicken at 4700 Toman per kilo is considered reasonable in Iran at the moment.
Translation of Amin, from London, UK:"Things are so [bad] that a Police Chief talks about eating chicken in movies with us??"

Translation: "As long as eggplant exists, why chicken? A possible headline of bist-va-si [a notorious state TV show famous for some ridiculous reasonings] for justifying [high] price of chicken"

Translation of this funny tweet which is a conversation happening during a traditional proposal session in an Iranian house:"What is the [would-be] groom's job?-He is Iran's Ambassador to Canada-Get the hell ouuuuuuuuT, I'll only give my daughter to a chicken salesman."

Translation: "Early [days] of [Islamic] revolution, coupons were even given for it's announced to come and get [rationed and subsidized] state chicken ... Greeting to the reverse era."

Translation of Asal, from Tehran: "Chicken is banned from TV :))))))))))))"

Translation: "Chicken sellers should consider hiring body guards."

Translation:"This [unfortunate] state of chicken price [in Iran] is doing of Mahmoud [Ahmadineajd] to prove we are in [similar conditions as] Shaab-e-Abu Talib not in Saffayen or Nahrevan. Now we have to wait for Agha [Ayatollah Khamanei] to prove his thesis [which is we are not in Shaab-e-Abu Talib]"
According to Islamic history Shaab-e-Abu Talib is a region in Saudi Arabia, where during the early days of Islam, the Prophet Mohammad and his followers were forced to live under an economic and social blockade for three years. According to Islamic literature, the situation was so bad that “they had to tie rocks to their stomachs” in order to alleviate the pain resulting from prolonged hunger. -- source
Translation of Rahele* from Isfahan,Iran: "@nima Don't say Chicken, Say Gold"

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