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Tweets from #Iran & World reacting to increasing sanctions on Iran!

[Update July 14, 2012

Hojatoleslam Kazem Sadighi
Tehran's Friday Prayers Leader, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sadighi, said on Friday, July 13: "We think sanctions are hidden Graces of God [for us]." He further denied poverty in Iran while cautioning the Friday prayers participants that "Beware of the psychological war of the enemy." He went on to add,"Poverty in the country is not true. We are worried about the possibility of poverty but with the backing of faith and prayers, we are not afraid of any storm."
Source: Persian Service of Deutsche Welle | News Link in Farsi  here

Read more for a collection of responses of Iranians on Facebook & Twitter in regards to "no poverty in Iran" and "God's hidden Graces" comments: 

Mohsen Bayat, son of Grand Ayatollah Bayat Zanajni, one of the sources of emulation close to Reformists in Iran, said on his Facebook page:
When I witnessed two kids, nine or ten years old, at half past eleven tonight, in one of the main streets in Qom [holly city of Qom is Iran's center of Shi'ite studies], collecting garbage and plastics, it finally dawned upon me why the so-called just Friday Prayers Imam of Tehran says poverty in Iran is meaningless!
Iranians commenting on Mohsen Bayat's status are also all critical of Friday Prayers's comments, and  mock the "No Poverty" comment of Tehran Friday Imam, while some accuse the Iranian government of corruption and neglect.

Reactions of Iranian Twitter Users:

Translation: "Sadighi: Sanctions are hidden God's Graces ... Shall I say I crap on this Grace and wisdom or not?"

Translation: "Isn't this offending the public? Tehran's Friday Imam: Sanctions are hidden graces from God, we have no poverty in Iran."

Translation: "If this is God's Grace, what is God's Wrath?"

Most Iranians tweeps responses simply included the denial of Friday Prayers Leader of existence of poverty in Iran which can be compared with denying that Sun is the center of our Solar system. 

Translation: "Tehran Friday Imam: Sanctions are hidden Graces of God, we don't have poverty in Iran."
Translation:"Tehran's Friday Prayers Leader denied poverty in Iran, and said sanctions are hidden Graces of God."

Translation:"No, really u think inflation is of God's Graces, or do u suppose the public is ....?" -- Put stupid, or donkey instead of "....", and it would be a recognizable Farsi expression.

July 12, 2012

Iranians on twitter are considerably smaller in size than on Facebook, if one observes the activities and interactions in Farsi. But, it has been slowly growing in size recently, for reasons which, in my opinion, are mostly due to getting bored with Facebook. 

At any rate, Iranian Tweeps have been trying to cope with and understand the reasons behind sanctions imposed on Iran by the West( most recently Oil Embargo by European Union, and recent new sanctions of US). But, what most Iranians have been talking about recently pivoted around the reaction of the high officials of Islamic Republic of Iran, especially Ayatollah Khamenei -- the all powerful Supreme Leader of Iran -- and President Ahmadinejad.  However, the latest comments by Ayatollah Khamenei has been widely ridiculed by many Iranian tweeps on twitter,, and Facebook, to mention a few social hangouts for Iranian netizens.

 Here some Farsi reactions from Iranians on twitter (inside and diaspora) and international tweeps to mounting sanctions on Iran are collected : 

Translation of Navid, from Mashhad, Iran: "Apparently we have been vaccinated against sanctions for 30 years and we, ourselves, were not aware of it ... I just don't know why its place [of vaccination on my body] still hurts."

Navid's comment is actually mocking Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's most recent comments about Sanctions on Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei has said, according to Reuters:"These days Westerners are being sensational about sanctions but they don't understand that they themselves vaccinated Iran through their sanctions imposed over the last 30 years."

Translation of Sarcastic tweet of Marzie, from Tehran: "Iranian Nation thanked the International Community for imposing new sanctions."

Translation of پیاده نظام's tweet:"We are vaccinated against the sanctions, but is there any vaccine against when ass is torn apart. Our asses are tearing apart, Great [Supreme Leader]."

Translation of Kamyar: "I don't know what's the wisdom behind US sanctions [on Iran] which is said to be in favor of [Iranian] people, but we are screwed all the time!"

 Translation of the funny tweet of Abbas.Reader,[I guess] Iran:"Sanction pressures are forcing our Nation to abandon using condoms! Everyone is pregnant-- twin."

Translation of Arash Zad, from Tehran: "A portion of Google gadgets and functionalities are sanctioned by them [Google, US, Europe, ...], another portion by our hard-working brothers in Iran [Internet is mostly filtered in Iran]. I'd like to thank both of you."

Translation of یاغی ,from Tehran:"Our problem is while we are being destroyed by many [domestic] restrictions & [foreign] sanctions,we are not even eager to laugh and be happy although it is possible."

Translation of Amin Sabeti: "West just like Iran [government] knows well that sanctions are targeting ordinary people not princelings, and [super-rich and corrupt people like] Khavari, but both [sides] keep on lying."
The Washington Post 28 September, 2011: "Mahmoud Reza Khavari, managing director of Bank Melli, Iran’s largest state-owned bank, flew to Canada after the arrest of several top-level bankers in connection with a case described as the largest embezzlement in Iranian history [$2.6 billion embezzlement scandal]."

Translation of AmirFarshad Ebrahimi, who's an Iranian dissident living in Germany: "[Iran's] Ministry of Islamic Guidance: Speaking of the drawbacks of sanctions is banned."

To read more on recent sanctions on Iran, and their effect on ordinary people, some commentaries, analysis, .. click HERE

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