Wednesday, July 11, 2012

US Atomic Bomb threat + Sanctions on Iranian people around the World #Iran Readings 9-13 July

News are all about Sanctions, and their toll on the Iranian people, the middle class who has no political power in Iran.Young Iranians  are too tired of Ayatollah, but West is not any better than Ayatollah obviously.

[UPDATE]  A top American Military Commander suggested the U.S. could use an atomic bomb against Iran as a final solution. Really?!!! Iran does not even have a nuclear bomb unlike Israel, India and Pakistan who have a full Arsenal of it and have not even signed NPT treaty.  All I can say, U.S government, military , and policy makers are evidently out of any creative idea or brain cell to deal with Iran.

[National Journal Global Security Newswire] Senior General: U.S. Atomic Arsenal Could Deter a Nuclear-Armed Iran by Elaine M. Grossman

“And then ultimately,” [the Air Force four-star general Robert] Kehler said, “the president always has available the strategic nuclear deterrent to provide both a deterrent from an attack on the United States standpoint, but also an attack on our allies and friends.”
Obviously, USA thinks at this age and time, any means is OK. Well, a government that is OK with killing innocents using Drones, and have already used Atomic bombs to demolish civilians in WWII, should have no reservation to use it again. Humanity in action!!!

[Financial Post] TD Bank closing customer accounts as part of Iran sanctions by Michelle Zilo

A major Canadian bank has begun to close the accounts of some of its customers to comply with new federal regulations that govern economic sanctions against Iran.
TD said it tried to contact customers who were affected by the regulations, and in cases where they did not hear back, the bank was forced to close their accounts, Nakhooda said.
“In no way is TD targeting the Iranian-Canadian community,” Nakhooda said Thursday. “We are simply following regulations set out by the sanctions.”
According to the Iranian Canadian Congress, many Iranian-Canadians across Canada have received these letters. One of them is an Iranian-Canadian woman from lower British Columbia who received a letter June 28. Postmedia News is not publishing her name because of worries about the safety of her family in Iran.
After attempting to use her TD debit and credit card at a dollar store on June 27, the woman said she learned that all of her accounts had been frozen. When she went to her local TD branch to find out what was happening, she said she faced a daylong runaround that resulted in no clear answers.
 [The Guardian] Sanctions on Iran punish its people, not its leaders by Saeed Kamali Dehghan
The people of Iran should not be held to account for wrongdoing by their regime – and yet, that is what is happening as western countries impose ever-tighter sanctions.
Sanctions are pushing ordinary Iranians to the edge of poverty, destroying the quality of their lives, isolating them from the outside world and most importantly, blocking their path to democracy.
In western countries these economic woes would normally result in the government being thrown out of office. But Iran, like Iraq at the time of sanctions, is not a country where its leaders can be held accountable through elections. In fact, the regime probably feels more secure rather than less, reasoning that sanctions are making the people too weak to revolt.
[The New York Times] Sanctions at the Genius Bar by Jamal Abdi

In this well-written op-ed by the policy director of NIAC, the the absurd consequences of sanctions on Iranian civilians regardless of where they are living is explained.  An interesting passage of this article: 
Meanwhile, goals like Internet freedom, so central to pro-democracy and human rights movements, are being undermined in Iran because companies, including Google, Yahoo and certain Web hosts, deny services to computers with Iranian I.P. addresses. 

 [World News Australia] US tightens sanctions on Iran  source: AAP

The United States and European Union have implemented an oil embargo against Iran, leading to a substantial decline in exports of crude from which the Islamic republic draws two-thirds of its foreign exchange earnings.
Iran been subject to severe international economic sanctions over its controversial nuclear program, which Western powers believe masks an atomic weapons drive despite repeated denials by Tehran.

[Die Welt]  The Sanctions Miss Tehran Regime Elites by Lord George Weidenfeld [English Translations from the Original German Text. Original version found HERE.] 

He asks why children of Iranian officials who study in the West, and will be the next leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, are not sanctioned, while many Iranian political refugees are in dire situations in Turkey waiting to for the Europe to consider their asylum requests:

 Iran's regime elite send their children to train to Europe. Four hundred children of senior officials 2010 studied in the UK. The number in Europe is many times higher. On the other hand, the anti-Mullah Europe granted very few Iranian refugees green movement refuge. The small Norway is much more generous than Germany or Britain.
The refugees of the green movement in Turkey has still not been resolved. About 3000 to 4000 Iranians continue to wait for the recognition of their status. The living conditions under the exiled Iranians in Turkey are difficult. Many fear to be deported in the Iran, they have no work permit and can move freely in the country.




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