Monday, December 31, 2012

It's too late to apologize,or, how I remember 2012.

I have about 6 hours left in 2012, before 2012 ends Or I end -- whichever happens is all fine with me.

Let me list all my achievements in 2012:

  • I began 2 blogs, including this one, and failed miserably to update, or establish a readership. 
  • I'd like to think I am a prolific twitter user (tweep), but, again, I know in my heart I am not. 
  • I have talked to hundreds of people on twitter -- it is not to say I like humanity more than I liked in 2010, or that I have evolved into a sociable person, which, again, will be false.
  • I have managed to still not to talk to my parents on the pretext that they are homophobic assholes, that, although, it is partially true, is not all the reason to why I am avoiding them. 
  • I am still suicidal. 
  • I managed to have my first S&M experience. In 2013, I want to experience being a slave.
  • I managed to experience my first feet worship sex. I certainly need more of it. 
  • I managed to present  my research in a big, important conference in December. 
  • I have managed to still not find myself a friend in America. 
  • I managed to lose all my saving due to my stupidity early in 2012 over the stupid housing situation.
  • I have managed to still not leave the shit-hole called Louisiana. This is the worst.
  • I have managed to do nothing on my Green Card situation. 
  • I listened to alot of awesome music in 2012. Looking forward to more awesome music in 2013!
  • More than a couple of times in 2012,  I did alienate people by telling them I think they are stupid. 
  • I have managed to still not figure out what the fuck I want to do in 2013. 

Well, that is all I can think of. Child Please! 

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