Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mourning: 23rd Day [Second Day of Phoning Relatives]

Woke up at 7 AM. Called my maternal uncle in Tehran at 8 AM. Talked with  him and his wife. This uncle is as old as my father. My father was not only his brother-in-law, but his friend. I remember a night when my uncle came to our home and he and my father both drank a bottle of whisky away from my mother's watchful eyes. Like two naughty kids my uncle and father were that night.

My uncle has a very gentle voice. His face also reminds me of my mother. He is a good man. But, for what it's worth I think I am making a huge mistake talking to people on the phone. Maybe it is still early for me to talk to people. Maybe I am not yet ready. I am not making this up. I am at my desk on campus now and tears are rolling down my cheeks. Lucky me there is no body in the office now.

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