Monday, June 24, 2013

Back at Work after a Two-Week Hiatus

I returned to my desk in the shared office on campus tonight after 2 weeks. Last time I was sitting in this chair, I learned of my father's death. I stayed around in the office till about 8:30 PM that Monday. I was in no hurry to return home. Nobody was waiting for me but a big silence. And knowledge of my father's death.

Sitting in this chair now, focusing on my work is rather hard for my brain wanders away every other second. But, well, I guess I need to finish this stupid work and, more importantly, distract myself from this pain. So, I am going back to work again.


  1. Dear Carl,
    U are right. But, well, in absence of any better option such as going to Iran to be with my grieving family, I guess working is all there is left. I don't know. I hope u be all right, mate. How's it going in the twitter world? Big news coming out everyday! Yesterday was an Armagaydon of Gews! lol -- Warmly.

  2. Not much that you can but deal with it the best way you can.That is cliche but it's true :/ every day is a new day. I am doing all right, thanks. Just been looking for a new appeals attorney, that was bogged down a bit but seems to be headed somewhere next week hopefully.

    Twitter has been crazy, so many protests and major political things it is hard to keep up. Yes, definitely Armagaydon hahaha and good, that should have been done a long time ago.

    Just do your shit mate, I know how it can be, I can get really withdrawn, antisocial, a bunch of things and it is just about getting my head back to normal, or whatever is normal for me lol

    Take care of yourself,