Sunday, July 7, 2013

Calling More Relatives

Just got off the phone talking to a cousin of my father and her husband. They were coming back from a 4th of July vacation in Detroit and were on the road to their home. I think I talked about 30 minutes with them. Her husband had somewhat a similar experience to me. His father died while he was in US. It was years ago. I remember him coming back to Iran a few weeks later. He could not come in time for the burial and such.

I thanked him for sharing his painful experience with me in the voice messages he left about 20 days ago. Today I returned his calls after more than 20 days, but he was ok with it. He said I did a good thing not taking calls when I could not talk. He is such a gentle soul. His wife also. She is my father's first cousin. My father loved her dad, who passes away years ago in a car accident in Iran. Actually, we were neighbors with her dad in Iran for more than 10 years -- living in the same apartment complex. 

The familial and emotional ties between me and these two are so strong that I broke into tears talking to them and remembering my father and her dad and other departed relatives. I wish I was in Iran. 

Nobody understands what goes on with an Iranian when they lose their dad and can't be in Iran except for other Iranians who have been in this position before.  That is too patriotic, I guess. Let's say: other nationalities for that matter too. U get my point. 

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