Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Asylum Story: To Write or Not to Write

It has occurred to me that the more I procrastinate organizing my write-ups on my asylum case, the more likely I will be to forget the important details. And, if that happens, I will be quite sad.

I will be sad if the World does not learn about the LGBT asylum process: The depression, agitation and the excruciating waiting period of the asylum seeking process; Certain good Samaritans [lawyers in this case] who help the poor, the queer, and the vulnerable ; The horrible, never-ending struggle of coming out; The false, troubling notions regarding LGBT, the Middle East, and the West held by many in our modern World.

Well, I think I should do something about it. I mean I should write my story. If I don't, who will?


  1. Yes, please do! I think your story is definitely worth telling. I do volunteer work for an organisation for asylum seeking LGTB'ers ( and the stories I hear there from asylum seekers are compelling and as it sounds, comparable to your story. I think others should hear more about the circumstances asylum seeking LGTB'ers get into when they flee their home country.

  2. Of course you should. In fact you owe it to those who come after you :}

    BTW, love to see your comments on the change in Iranian law on the gays.