Monday, January 13, 2014

"Sharon was better than Assad or Khomeini, U know!" --- Meir Javedanfar The Fatuous

Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Sabra & Shatila finally died -- after 8 years of dying, you know. Sharon's death was naturally an occasion for all the Zionists and co. to express how sad they are that a certified murderer is dead. I am sure someone is keeping track of all such reactions, but, my focus here is Iran, so, unfortunately, the so-called expert of Iran-Israel, Meir Javedanfar, is usually on my radar. He who gallantly claims on his twitter bio:

Now, Meir Javednafar is not a stranger to this blog. We need to cover him because he, due to his knowledge of Farsi language, gets to be the face of the Israel and Zionism that the Persian Media deems fit to present to their oppressed Iranian audience -- who will watch anything that is not turban-oriented, mind you.
As expected, after Sharon's death, he was invited to go on BBC Persian to talk about it -- probably because he's an authority on murderous Israelis, I assume.
In a series of Tweets, Meir Javedanfar expressed how Shaoron is unfairly "abused" on twitter while Assad is The murderous one --- this specious, misleading, shallow reasoning is not just a staple of Javedanfar's commentary on all issues Iran and Arab World, but seems to be an integral part of the greater Hasbara campaign run by the Zionists. After all, it seems, Mr. Javedanfar can't believe an Israeli butcher killing non-Jews can be as bad as an Arab dictator killing Arab people. I guess only a racist can think like that: Life of humans is decided by the fact of what race they are from!
Anyways, see for yourself:

Now, genius of Javedanfar is to compare the butchery of Sharon to that of Iranian modern dictators, and citing an anonymous Iranian friend,who could be his ass or the infamous warmonger Sohrab Ahmari for all we know, he opines:
Furthermore, Javedanfar reveals what credential he expects of self-proclaimed Experts on Iran. His bar is so high, mind you: A trip to Iran and a quick chat with some friendly Bazaari people in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

As you notice above, Sharon knew Iran "firsthand" -- whatever that means. Going on a limb,I would say Sharon probably knew Iran more than Mr.Javedanfar.

Some more of the graceful and enlightening comments by Javedanfar follows:
As noted above, Javedanfar does not seem inclined to mention Sharon's butchery -- probably, for very good reasons.

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